Monday, March 7, 2011

New Floors Day 1

Well today starts the installation of my new floors that I have been dreaming off for the last 3 years!

Today the sub floor was installed in the kitchen, back entry and bathroom.  The lino is here and is warming up ( it is –29 today!).  It will be installed tomorrow.

Here is a picture.


Now to explain something……I am kind of working in the wrong order but it can’t be helped. LOL!  I will be sanding and refinishing the bottom cabinets to match the uppers.  I tried the idea of having the upper cabinets a different color from the bottoms (I watch too many decorating shows!!).  I have lived with it for 2 years and have never been happy with it so I am going to have all white!!!

I also pulled out the railing that divided the dinning area from the front room one day when Harry was at work.  You can see the patching on the end of the wall in the center.  Needless to say he was “very” surprised when he got home.LOL!

Stay tuned for day 2……….


Dawn said...

oooh, how great will it all be when DONE! don't envy the mess! when you get done with your cabinets will you come do mine??!!!

Maria Matter said...

how exciting!!
I love redecorating!!!
this is what my hubby does...makes cabinetry, flooring, furniture, anything with wood. I've been wanting a new kitchen for awhile now, but here I am still waiting! lol Can't wait to see the results Kim!!