Tuesday, March 8, 2011

New Flooring- Day 2

Well another day and one more step closer to the end!

Today the lino went in to the kitchen, bathroom and back entry.  All that is left to do is some caulking and the toe kicks in the kitchen and bathroom.  Tomorrow they will be starting the wood floors!!!

DSCF1080 I will sure be glad when I get the bottom cabinets done!!!!!

DSCF1081 There is all the flooring going into the rest of the house!

DSCF1082 Last but very important…..the “THRONE” room!

Stay tuned for another instalment tomorrow night at this time.


Jane said...

Looking Good to me!! x

Sherry said...

Looks Gorgeous Love The Color .. Also Love The Cat Lol ..

*Vicki* said...

The flooring looks brilliant Kim!! Just what I want to get for my bath too! :) It's hard work but so worth it in the end!!

Cheryl of Sassy Cheryl's said...

Oh I LOVE IT! That's funny. . .'throne' room. I usually call ours, Terry's office. :)