Friday, November 12, 2010

Sassycheryls Show Me Thursday

Hi Everyone!  Well leave it to me to be a day late!!! Anyway Cheryl wants to start something new..She wants to see what you are working on at your work station!  She is calling it “Show Me Thursday”.  Just take a picture…..don’t worry about the clutter…..and link it to Sassycherlys Blog. You could win a free image!

Here is my work station.  Don’t let the neatness fool you…..I haven’t had time to do much this week because of work.  Normally it is pretty bad!




Janetlynne said...

you have a wonderful desk- and so clean....Love your Santa...I haven't done anything with mine yet... Janetlynne

Cheryl of Sassy Cheryl's said...

What a great space Kim. I don't think you're fooling anybody. You seem like a neat person anyway! :) I can see the Jumping Jack Santa and the Snowmen in Love stamps images there. Can't wait to see them up close and personal. You know. I need to name it something other than Show Me Thursdays. It's ON Thursday, but goes through the entire week, so you aren't late at ALL. You're right on time! Thanks for sharing Kim!

Linda C said...

My, my so neat and clean. Mine is only that way when company is coming, because mine is my kitchen table. Ha Ha

Shirley said...

What clutter? Love the Jumping Jack Santa card.

Anonymous said...

Wow, this is so clean and organized. Love your site!

Barbara said...

Kim your space is so clean gosh i could come play with all the goodies and make a mess for you.LOL!!

Flip-Flop Creations said...

You are sooooo organized!!! I think I need to go straighten up my room today. Lol ~jeni :)

jkreucher said...

I want to see it when it is pretty bad! :)
what a fantastic looking space to create in..
Loved seeing it!