Sunday, June 9, 2013

An Exciting Weekend

My daughter asked me a couple months ago if I wanted to join her and do the Bridge City Boogie 5k in Saskatoon on June 9th.  Well I said yes even though I was in terrible shape!!  I hadn’t kept up with my walking all winter.  No excuses, just got lazy I guess.

So I got busy walking again and trying to get my distance up.  Years ago I used to walk 2 miles a day but again, I got lazy and was only doing one mile and not everyday!!  I really need to smarten up and start taking better care of myself now that I am retired.  I have no excuses any more like I’m too tired after work, or I just haven’t got the time!!!!

So any way today was the day of the 5k.  I was thinking to myself that if I could do it in 90 min. I would be happy……..but……..I did it in 51.09 min!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am so proud of myself, and so grateful to my daughter!!!  She is an amazing person!!!  She is in amazing shape!!!  She has always been able to run and I know she would have signed up for the 10k run if I had of said no to doing the walk!  She stayed beside me all the way and we walked across the finish line together!!

Holly you are my hero!!!

Here we are waiting for the race to start.  There were over 5000 people taking part.


The start of the race


The finish line is in sight!!


It was a great day and God willing I would love to do this again next year!

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jrmom said...

What a wonderful post. I'm sure you and your daughter enjoyed chatting on your walk too. I ran my first 5k obstacle course last year with a dear friend. I know he could've run WAY faster than me, but he stayed by my side the whole time. I was such an empowering day! I hope you are able to do more events with your daughter.

Conni said...

Good for you Kim!!! I am sure Holly is proud of you too!!

Diane said...

Wonderful pictures and congratulations on the 5K walk.

Regards diane