Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Instructions for Crocheted Flowers

I found these instructions on the Internet after alot of searching. I wish I could remember who to thank!
The instructions are to make a flower using 2 colors. I make mine all one color. I used crochet cotton( a little thicker than what you would use for doilies) My hook size is 2.75mm.

Step1With the color yarn you want for the center of the flower, chain 6. Join the ends of the chain to make a circle. Make 13 single crochets in the center of the circle. Join, cut yarn, and loop and pull the loose end tightly through the joining loop to finish off. Carefully weave the loose end back and forth through the stitches to hide.

Step2Using the color of yarn for the flower petals, attach the yarn to one of the single crochets. *Make a single crochet stitch. In the next stitch, make 3 double crochets. Continue from * all the way around and join. There should be 18 double crochets and 6 single crochets.

Step3Cut the yarn and finish off. Weave the loose end through the stitches to hide. Make as many flowers as desired and attach them to your project using a needle and sewing thread.


Dawn said...

Oh thank you thank you. I will give this a try. I have such a time with these. I have another question. I see that you do alot of downloaded images. How do you color them. I am trying to color mine with Gamsol and Prisma pencils. The ink just runs. Your blog is awesome.. Thanks so much

CherylQuilts at SCS said...

Thanks. I've played around some and made some of my own too. What size hook do you use? Thanks!
Cheryls at (aka CherylQuilts at SCS)

JRT-Joyce said...

Thank you so much for sharing your directions on making these flowers. Didn't what to have to go buy anything else:) Thanks Again